No One Knows is a thriller novel by The Girl on Train and The Husband’s Secret, New York Times bestselling author J.T.i Ellision. The book has carried on the authors reputation of bringing twist on every pages and making readers engage and guessing till the whole pages of the book has been turned.

The story begins with the Aubrey Hamilton’s husband being declared dead by state of Tennessee. Aubrry has suffered these 5 years of husband’s disseparance or may be his death in grief and being suspect of her husband’s murder. Should Aubrry move on? Or Should she proceed to find out what actually happened to her husband?

The book is intresting and has successfully motivated me to go through all the pages as fast as I could. But, it looks like the twist has been kept by the author deliberately and not the consequences of the character’s personality which I like. If your looking for a book that has a great hidden meaning within it, you may be disappointed.

One of my critism for this book is that the way the plot has been presented. The story moves from characters naration from present time and the past time revealing the bits of the story as we go. Some may point out and it seems that novel is jumping through time quite often making reader confused. What I criticize is not the author flucking across the time but the way the things has been presented. The story does not look like it is being observed by a third person nor does it represent the mental connection between a character. The first method can allow writer to revisit a scene to question all of the characters response becuase the response of the characer by a third person can be easily mistaken. On the other hand the narrator cannot possess a secret in the second method. I felt betrayed by the narration itself as it has kept secret with me and in the end questioned everything expressed on the book. This made the story more confusing for me.

I enjoyed the writing but cannot put this book on my best book list. I hope you like it.