A python/javascript project that scraps the data from website to collect the data about Nepal for the use in further analysis through pandas or libreoffice sheet or google sheet. Currently scrapping of the NEPSE Share price has only be implemented.

Usage: Link to heading

Python library: Link to heading

pip install nepaldatascrapper

example code Link to heading

import sys
from nepaldatascrapper import NEPSE

nepse = NEPSE()

def nepseSharePrice(symbol,date=""):
    return nepse.getSharePrice(symbol,date)

if __name__ == "__main__":

Google Sheet Addon/Libreoffice Calc Extension Link to heading

This is simple google sheet add ons that adds the custom function in google sheets which will make it easier to get the Nepal related Data in google sheets. Currently, it can get the NEPSE stock price data for you.

The addons expose custom function that scraps the NEPSE data from the web. Currently implemented custom functions:

  • NEPSETable(symbol,from,to)
  • NEPSEStockData(symbol,info=ClosingPrice,date)
  • NEPSEStockPrice(symbol)

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Privacy Policy Link to heading

The application only contains custom function for your google sheet and does not store any information of the user anywhere.

The application also adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Google OAuth Scope Requested and their purpose Link to heading

Terms of Service Link to heading

The above product intends to ease the process of data collection by scrapping the user required data from web and thus does not store and confirms the validity of the data provided. Please use it at your own risk.